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Nexenta: Open Software-Defined Storage

Nexenta: 100% software. Total Freedom. All Love .

nexenta-opensdx-vision-and-opensds-portfolioNexenta is global leader in Open Source-driven Software Defined Storage. Nexenta OpenSDS solutions are 100 percent software based, independent of  any hardware, protocol or app, thus offering  total freedom and protection against any possible vendor lock-in.  Nexenta has 6000+ customers worldwide and has more than 1500 petabytes of storage under management.


The vision of Nexenta goes beyond the open source-driven SDS portfolio (OpenSDS) and includes the Nexenta Software-defined-everything (OpenSDx) philosophy: Open-100 percent software based-SDS solutions for anything and everything that might be part of an IT infrastructure. From App to Enterprise.

Software licensing

Nexenta software licensing is purely storage capacity based. If hardware is replaced and storage capacity remains the same, no additional licenses are required; existing licenses are simply re-used. Only when storage capacity is increased are additional license fees required.

Technology Partnerships

Nexenta software is hardware independent. However, Nexenta collaborates with several hardware technology partners to define Reference Architectures. For example, Lenovo and Nexenta worked together to develop a High Available, High Performance SDS solution  that supports multiple  block & file protocols.

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