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Nexenta OpenSDS Product Portfolio

The Nexenta OpenSDS product portfolio includes the following solutions:



NexentaStor : Software-Defined block & file storage management

NexentaStor (Scale Up model, Open ZFS based) is a unified block & file solution, scales from tens of Terabytes to Petabytes configurations. Supports iSCSI, FC, CIFS and NFS protocols and integrates with VMware, OpenStack & Docker.  Geo High Availalability (active active model) is supported for disaster recovery. Being Open ZFS based, NexentaStor exploits ZFS Hybrid Storage Pools (for performance acceleration), ZFS Snapshots and ZFS replication. Dedup and Compression allow for capacity saving and thus cost-effective data storage.Customers are known to reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by 50 percent.


NexentaEdge : Software-Defined object storage management

NexentaEdge (Scale Out model, Linux based), is a high performance block and object storage solution for next generation OpenStack clouds, petabyte scale active archives and Big Data applications. Scaling is from 100’s of Terabytes to 100’s of Petabytes. Cost effective, because of it’s  capacity saving inline, “cluster wide” data dedup and compression. Reliable, because of it’s patent pending Cloud Copy on Write (CCOW) technology. Self Balancing when additional hardware is added.


NexentaConnect : Software-Defined file services for VMware Virtual SAN

NexentaConnect offers file services for VMware Virtual SAN environments, adding NFS and SMB access on top of annexentaconnect existing Virtual SAN to complete the software hyper-convergence model. Managed through VMware vSphere Web Client interface and 100% compatible with VMware HA and DRS. Capacity is saved by using inline compression and de-duplication. Supports  folder and volume level snapshots, replication and backup capabilities for DR scenarios.


NexentaFusion: Software-Defined analytics and orchestration

NexentaFusion provides simplified scaling and management through a single pane for reporting, monitoring, analytics, and orchestration of storage assets. Multi-system dashboard provides detailed status and has the ability to drill into the complete Nexenta Software-Defined Storage infrastructure. Day-to-day storage tasks such as creating a filesystem or scheduling snapshots can be done  in a matter of minutes. Advanced Analytics and extensive historical trends.


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