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Flexible Smart Storage: Software Defined Storage at a midrange price

Organisations today face many challenges when it comes to data – and storage management in the datacenter. Response time is critical and data needs to be available (always), protected (backup) and compliant.

The Aprycus Flexible Smart Storage (FSS) solution is a software defined storage solution that is scalable, smart, reliable and easy to start with. FSS’s software layer for virtualization is key to ensuring multi-vendor hardware support and a significant increase in storage utilization (when using a dual datacenter or more). A smart datacenter network ensures fast response times, high performance and the sense of gigabytes/petabytes at your fingertips.

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FSS’s building blocks consist of midrange components, that can be added to your current (multi-vendor) storage environment.

Flexible Smart Storage is a Software Defined Storage Solution that delivers Enterprise Storage Solution functionality at a midrange price.

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