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Flexible Smart Storage Infrastructure

Software Defined Storage

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The Aprycus Flexible Smart Storage Solution is a Software Defined Storage solution that delivers an enhanced storage infrastructure that is vendor neutral, smart, flexible and scalable and all of that at a midrange price.

Flexible Smart Storage; Enhanced infrastructure.

Key components:

  • the Aprycus Flexible Smart Storage Software layer for virtualization and extra functionality such as data replication, snapshots and ILM (Information Lifecycle Management).
  • storage capacity in 2 or more locations is being addressed as 1 large storage device, which increases storage utilization  up to 70-80% (instead of the 50% in traditional infrastructures), while maintaining data access and availability, should 1 location fail.
  • smart datacenter network: 10 GB, trunkable to multiple times 10GB; a range of protocols supported such as iSCSI, CIFS, NFS, HTTP .


  • investment protection: we simply add modules to your current environment
  • Cloud: Private, Hybrid or Public. OpenStack model supported.
  • vendor neutral
  • Enterprise level functionality, midrange price.

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